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Aerovisual Harmony

The project revolves around the development of an innovative system that allows for the precise regulation of a ball’s height within a transparent plastic tube. It’s an artistic endeavor that, when multiple tubes are placed side by side, can produce captivating patterns with the ball. We opt to use foam balls for their lighter weight compared to traditional ping pong balls, allowing them to be lifted with a gentler airflow generated by a fan at the bottom of the tube. This project intertwines technical precision with aesthetic creativity to craft a truly unique experience.

Technical Components

  • Transparent plastic tube: The tube serves as a container for the foam ball and provides a clear view of its position.
  • Foam ball: The foam ball was chosen because it is lighter than conventional balls, allowing for more precise regulation.
  • Fan: The fan generates the airflow that keeps the ball moving inside the tube.
  • A camera is positioned next to the tube and continuously captures the position of the ball. Based on the camera data, the height of the ball is calculated. By adjusting the fan speed, the height of the ball inside the tube can be precisely controlled.

Initially, the first idea was to attach a figure to the tube, which would be propelled by the ball. This would create an additional overhead effect facilitated by the figure. We considered crafting the figure from papier-mâché to keep it lightweight. However, this proved to be too heavy for our fan, requiring a stronger one.


To connect the tube and the fan, we utilized 3D modeling to design a bracket, which was then fabricated using 3D printing technology.

To stabilize the assembly, we further developed a 3D model and subsequently cut it using laser cutting technology. Additionally, we constructed a grid to prevent the ball from touching the fan. This was crucial, as any contact with the fan would cause the ball to remain stationary at the bottom, hindering its ability to be propelled upwards.

To ensure accurate measurement of the ball’s height, we positioned a camera adjacent to the setup. However, due to difficulties in ball detection, we opted to paint the bakground black. This adjustment not only enhances ball visibility but also enables us to create specific movement patterns with greater precision.

  • The ball detection on the screen: